Level 3/4

Term 3 Immersion Day- Change and Transformation

On Monday 23rd July the students in Level 3/4 participated in an immersion day to begin our Inquiry unit this term. All of the activities were centered around the concepts of 'change and transformation'.



Schools Tree Day

In Level 3/4 we celebrated Schools Tree Day by planting our own seeds and watching them grow, change and transform over time.




Youth Empowerment Conference

On August 1 students were invited to attend the Youth Empowerment Conference at the Drum Theatre in Dandenong. They listened to many inspiring presenters during the day and Julianna Tanay 3/4 PO was one of ten winners of the Writing Competition. Thank you to Wooranna Park School for organising this wonderful event. 



Book Week 2018


Term 2 3/4 newsletter


Term 3 3/4 newsletter

Term 4 3/4 newsletter


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